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CGIs (Computer Generated Images) are critical to demonstrate visual representations that showcase the authenticity of a new home when marketing in advance of the build.

Pelican’s experience in artistry has helped 100s of developers and landowners to capture their concepts into engaging, inspirational and cutting edge visuals.

CGI-Ext_SW-FGW_Ph1_Feature 02-web.jpg


Little touches make a big difference.

Bringing your scenes to life through innovative cinemagraphs and carefully crafted storytelling animations brings a whole new experience to your customers. Captivating imaginations and turning your visions into reality.

VR & 360º TOURS

Improvements of drone photography and filming mean we can capture expansive and unique perspectives to showcase the wider context of a development.

We can create distinctive 360º views of prospective new homes, both in person or virtually and from anywhere in the world.

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